Consider The Finer Things..

If you’re thinking about going on vacation, we’d like to suggest you take a vacation fit for a king.  Now it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive – but why not enjoy a little luxury here and there?  Chances are you don’t get to live to luxuriously when you’re home, so if you don’t do it when you go on vacation, when will you?

What makes a luxurious vacation:  This is debatable of course, but we feel you’ll agree with us on most of these points about what makes a great vacation.

412-tropical-waterfall-hd-background-800x600The View:  This is a big one for us – having a spectacular view – something like overlooking a taller waterfall in the middle of a rain forest comes to mind.  That may be a bit extreme, but you get the point.

Fine Dining:  This one you don’t need to be on vacation for, but if you are, it’s a must!  Something that has real table linens like cloth napkins and table cloths.  Not that cheap vinyl crap or complete lack of table covers.

The Service:  For whatever you may be doing, make sure the customer service is top notch. Nothing ruins a vacation faster then rude service people.  Fortunately this is a pretty easy one to spot nowadays with services like yelp being so plentiful.

The Weather:  Depending on what you prefer, make sure the time of year and location is fitting for the weather you like.  Don’t take changes on this – there are places you can go that almost guarantee enjoyable weather.  The saying San Diego weather doesn’t exist because of the random climate changes there (sarcasm) – it exists because generally it’s always a comfortable temperature and sunny.  (a great place to visit if you haven’t yet!)