Going on Vacation?  Get in Shape with Clear Muscle

Clear Muscle is a much touted product from Muscle Tech. The manufacturer’s claim that the preparation can offer extraordinary results. In fact, it is a part of their “performance” series of products. With HMB in free acid form as its sole ingredient, and a study conducted by the University of Tampa on the efficacy of this compound which showed astonishing results, the benefits of this preparation simply cannot be faulted.  Check out this muscletech clear muscle review here.  If you intend to use the product, this is what you can expect:

clearmusclamBetter muscle definition: If you have been vying for ripped, hard muscles, but regular supplements are just not doing it for you, you will be stunned by the results of Clear Muscle. The HMB or hydroxy- methylbutyrate in the product delivers nutrition right to the muscle cells, opening up the pathway for protein synthesis. This leads to a conspicuous growth in muscle strength, which can be experienced in the form of extraordinary muscular definition.

Increase in muscle thickness and mass: Clear muscle not only opens up the channels for nutrition to reach the muscular cells, but also it lowers the wear and tear of the tissue, which is only normal after strenuous workouts. In the near absence of proteolysis, what you get is the ideal environment to augment muscle thickness and mass.

Enhanced stamina levels: HMB is known to not only work at the muscular level but also add tremendously to the stamina and endurance of users. You get all the boost you will need to take your workouts to the next level. In fact, the training regimen that is recommended with the product is indeed quite arduous but with this miracle supplement, users have breezed past it.

No muscle fatigue: Since there is very little breakdown of the muscle tissue, you will not feel the fatigue that is linked to heavy weight lifting. A study has proved that when used over the long term, HMB creates an anti-catabolic environment. The result is that most users reported that they felt none of the aches and soreness, which is common with intense workouts.