Going on Vacation?  Get in Shape with Clear Muscle

Clear Muscle is a much touted product from Muscle Tech. The manufacturer’s claim that the preparation can offer extraordinary results. In fact, it is a part of their “performance” series of products. With HMB in free acid form as its sole ingredient, and a study conducted by the University of Tampa on the efficacy of this compound which showed astonishing results, the benefits of this preparation simply cannot be faulted.  Check out this muscletech clear muscle review here.  If you intend to use the product, this is what you can expect:

clearmusclamBetter muscle definition: If you have been vying for ripped, hard muscles, but regular supplements are just not doing it for you, you will be stunned by the results of Clear Muscle. The HMB or hydroxy- methylbutyrate in the product delivers nutrition right to the muscle cells, opening up the pathway for protein synthesis. This leads to a conspicuous growth in muscle strength, which can be experienced in the form of extraordinary muscular definition.

Increase in muscle thickness and mass: Clear muscle not only opens up the channels for nutrition to reach the muscular cells, but also it lowers the wear and tear of the tissue, which is only normal after strenuous workouts. In the near absence of proteolysis, what you get is the ideal environment to augment muscle thickness and mass.

Enhanced stamina levels: HMB is known to not only work at the muscular level but also add tremendously to the stamina and endurance of users. You get all the boost you will need to take your workouts to the next level. In fact, the training regimen that is recommended with the product is indeed quite arduous but with this miracle supplement, users have breezed past it.

No muscle fatigue: Since there is very little breakdown of the muscle tissue, you will not feel the fatigue that is linked to heavy weight lifting. A study has proved that when used over the long term, HMB creates an anti-catabolic environment. The result is that most users reported that they felt none of the aches and soreness, which is common with intense workouts.

Grilling on Vacation

Weber 1481001With summer being about halfway over we figured it was time to talk about one of the most important tools of summer: Grills.  Not only are these tools a huge part of summer, but they’re a huge part of vacation.  Nothing beats the smell of your favorite foods being grilled while you’re sipping on your drink of choice during vacation.    Since we’re focused on vacation and summer, we though it’d be a good idea to focus on a quality grill, nothing cheap.  For that reason we’re going to take a look at our favorite charcoal grill, the weber 1481001.  Unlike most charcoal grills, starting this baby is cake – it has a electric/gas ignition system – so you can load it up with charcoal and walk away.  Not only that, but has a storage tank for your charcoal bags so you can keep them close by and dry.  If you find that you’re often grilling for more then just a couple people, no problem – this grill features a large capacity 22.5″ grill top – plenty of room for all your summer favorites.  To make all that space even better, the weber 1481001 was designed with even cooking in mind, so you’ll get good and even heat distribution for even cooking.  If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s having to constantly rotate food to try and get it to cook evenly.


Getting in Shape for Vacation

Going on vacation is suppose to be a time of happiness and joy, but sometimes the thought of putting on a bathing suit can bring just the opposite.  The least I can is tell you you’re not alone, this is a common problem for a lot of people – even though most need not worry!  Unfortunately if you’re not happy with how you look there isn’t a simple solution, there are short cuts though!  Weight loss supplements are now more effective then ever and can make a big difference at helping you get the body you want.  One of the best is called Synedrex by Metabolic Nutrition.  Check out the link to learn more about it and see if it’s right for you.  As always, exercise and proper diet are the best things you can do, but a product like Synedrex can help you get the focus and energy you need.  I would also suggest you start a couple months before vacation, or at least a month –  though I know it can be hard to think that far in advance in today’s busy world!

Couple at Beach

5 Benefits of Taking a Vacation

There are many people that are not taking vacations these days. The main reason for that is the fear of losing their job when they will ask for some time off, even though every worker has the right to take a vacation. Sometimes, you need to think about more then your  job and to stop living in fear, because a vacation brings unique benefits that you shouldn’t miss.

There are many benefits of vacation, but there are 5 benefits that will change your mind and you will pack your bags and leave immediately.

1. Free Vitamin D

To keep your immune system health and to maintain healthy bones and to have normal function of the nervous system you need Vitamin D. When your body is exposed to sunlight the Vitamin D is made in the skin. Yes, this vitamin is also available as a supplement, but you will get more benefits from being outside than inside.  Also, this vitamin is known for preventing many different types of cancer, including prostate, breast and colon cancers.

2. Chance to play

Dedicating part of the day for playing is not just for kids, but it is also beneficial to adults. Play is known to be a factor of our happiness and success. Sleeping and playing are at the same level of importance. As an adult you are filled with responsibilities and there is no free time, but with a good play you will get your hopes up and you will balance your life with pleasure and anticipation.

3. Building Relationships

Spending more time with your loved ones, your children, your partner and other people will help you build a stronger family foundation. A vacation will give you the opportunity to move forward from the daily routine and to understand each other more. You will be building memories that will last forever.

4. Children

Children need to experience and see how their grandparents and parents are having fun. They will start to learn to enjoy life and they will understand what the word “love” means. Family time is important for them because they feel safety, support and love which are the key components for building a great personality.

5. Relieve stress

In order to reduce stress you will need to take a vacation, it is one of the best ways to reduce stress. When your stress will be gone you will see a new perspective on your life. It will allow you to get your energy back and you will be able to solve problems that for you were unsolvable before that.